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Insurance Asset Management

Insurance Asset Management has been a key element of Brookfield Investment Management Inc.’s investment platform for over 20 years. Our clients include P&C insurance companies, reinsurance companies as well as life and health insurance companies.

We believe our competitive advantages include:
  • A seasoned insurance portfolio management team with an average of 25 years of investment experience
  • Customized insurance fixed income portfolio management and investment solutions
  • World-class, global investment research platform
  • Suite of insurance strategy and investment accounting services
  • Specialized equity and fixed income satellite strategies

Our team has extensive insurance knowledge and industry experience as well as a thorough understanding of the complex investment and operating environment of our insurance company clients. This allows us to successfully partner with our clients to develop and manage custom investment solutions. A strong partnership means having thorough comprehension of an insurance client’s culture, risk tolerances, investment objectives and overall business goals. This dynamic approach goes beyond merely managing a portfolio to a benchmark and, enables our team to manage market opportunities against a client’s risk preferences.

We Deliver Customized Investment Solutions

Insurers' Business Goals
Investment Portfolio Objectives
Constraints and Risk Appetite
Establish Investment Policy Guidelines
Portfolio Construction

AM Best Rating
Investment income and cash flow requirements
Duration Targets/Limits
Asset Class/Sector Allocation
Continuous risk management and surveillance
Surplus Growth/Stability
Total return
Credit Quality/Risk Exposure
Security Selection
Monthly and quarterly communication to insurer
Premium Growth
Book income/Yield Targets
Rating Agency
Asset Allocation/
Taxable / Tax-exempt allocation
Periodic calculation of portfolio versus targets
Business Strategies
Tax Optimization
Risk Parameters
Benchmark Selection/ Creation
Yield Curve / Duration Management
Capital Adequacy Tests
Asset Liability Management

Realized Gain/ Loss Tolerance

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